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Sports Recovery

Short video, demonstrating a simple and effective hip mobility stretch, to help you get the most out of running and reduce the chances of injury.Mobility is an essential component in all sports. Creating mobility through stretching is essential and the most effective stretch...
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OSTEOPATHY IN SPORT FOR PEAK ATHLETIC PERFORMANCEA well-balanced and injury-free body is the dream of every athlete. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. Osteopathy in sport has been used in different countries to prevent and treat injuries, giving the athletes a b...
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CYCLING INJURIES, CYCLING OPTIMALLY AND HOW OSTEOPATHIC MANUAL TREATMENT CAN HELP YOUHi Wellingtonians! Reg Osteopath Diego Polo here, if you’ve had a moment to read my profile on the City Osteopaths’ website, you will see that I’m from Rio, Brazil and that I moved to ...
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