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Child Osteopathic Research

Ear infections and glue ear- The tissues of the upper back, ribs, and neck which attach to the underside of the cranium can pull on the membranes surrounding the temporal bone (which the ear sits in) and affect the eustachian tube drainage from the middle ear into the back of the nose. Freeing up the temporal bone assists in easing acute ear infections in children or adults. We also work with the more chronic situation of glue ear to assist drainage and help avoid grommet surgery if at all possible. Research in Australia has shown that antibiotics are no longer recommended as treatment for recurrent ear infections in children.  (Research)

Gastrointestinal disorders in term and preterm infants (Research)

Hyperactivity -  is often multifactorial so diet and environment also need to be looked at in the appointment. We find that treatment directed towards calming the autonomic, in particular, the sympathetic nervous system helps with calming, digesting, and sleeping better) (Research)