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Suryagita Cox

Alexander Technique, Voice Coaching and Psychotherapy 

Suryagita Cox

B.A., Cert. AT teacher (ATTSNZ), Reg. Psychotherapist (PBANZ)

Suryagita is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, voice coach and registered psychotherapist. She loves to help her clients to improve posture, relieve pain, free their voice, and fulfil their human potential. She is particularly successful in relieving stress, easing chronic back and neck pain and tension; and in helping individuals to build their self-confidence and find new ways forward in their lives. People find her sessions relaxing, invigorating and empowering.

Fred Albert

I have found my bodywork sessions with Suryagita Cox very useful in both decreasing body tension and in learning more about how the body reacts and moves. I can feel that I am moving differently after a session which is very gratifying. She is a very knowledgeable teacher/practitioner and is strongly recommended.