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Dr Diego Polo

DO, Reg. Osteopath, MONZ
Concussion Recovery Practitioner

Diego graduated from the Brazilian Institute of Osteopathy and has over 20 years of clinical practice experience, treating a range of patients, from teenagers to elderly people, athletes, and people suffering from acute and chronic pain. He has also worked in the academic field, teaching and supervising hundreds of students and professionals. Diego has a previous degree in Physiotherapy with specialisation in Manual Therapies. 

He has now specialised further with postgraduate study in Concussion Management. 

While in Brazil, he introduced Osteopathic treatment to the Brazilian Navy Health System, and was Head of the Rehabilitation Service at the Brazilian Navy Central Hospital for many years.

Diego believes that Osteopathic practice must always follow Osteopathic principles and philosophy, be associated with evidence-based practice, and ensure treatment is adapted specifically for each patient’s needs and preferences. These may include different approaches within the musculoskeletal, visceral, and cranial fields. He considers that creating partnerships and rapport with patients is essential for effective treatment and achieving patients’ goals. 

Regarding Concussion, Diego’s goal is to provide the best scientific evidence-based assessment and rehabilitation for patients suffering from Acute Concussion and Prolonged Concussion Symptoms (PCS). Diego uses a Complete Concussion Recovery Approach, assessing the brain and all other potential body systems impaired by concussions, and provides recovery strategies and treatment according to each individual’s needs. He believes that combined with Osteopathic hands-on treatment, our comprehensive Concussion Recovery Approach is the best, safest, and fastest way to achieve full recovery.

When not working, Diego enjoys being in the company of his wife and son, appreciating different kinds of food, and spending time with friends. He likes to be surrounded by Nature to find balance and peace.

See Diego for:

  • Acute Concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) Management

  • Sports injuries, TMJ Disorders, Headaches and Dizziness 

  • Acute and Chronic Back and Neck pain

  • Pelvic Pain and other pelvic disorders

  • Digestive and Urogynecological disorders

  • Chronic Pain Management 

  • Developing self-management strategies for treatment and prevention of injury recurrence

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