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Careers at City Osteopath

Careers at City Osteopaths

Join our Team

We have a wonderful team and enjoy motivating, training, and empowering new people, from superstar administrators to inspired practitioners. 

We are keen to hear from clinical psychologists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and other allied healthcare practitioners.

You may be a practitioner with a few years of experience already. However, talented new graduates will also be considered. 

Our Ideal Practitioner: You are confident, happy, and passionate about what you do: helping people out of pain and back to health. You can understand, listen, and communicate effectively with a wide range of people.
You are always looking to develop your clinical knowledge and skills. You are keen to take on new and exciting challenges. Over time, you can become more specialised in your chosen field, and we will help promote you on multiple channels to achieve the success you deserve.

We are committed to helping our team reach their potential professionally and personally and provide the environment necessary for you to reach your goals in a caring, professional, and supportive environment.

We provide a learning pathway for our practitioners of regular 1:1 meetings with our clinic director Dr Melanie Young Reg Osteopath, who has over 30 years clinical experience and extensive post-graduate training to help you grow in your practice. We meet monthly as a whole practice to assit our work as a team and our osteopaths enjoy weekly osteopathic group clinical training.

In addition, our City Osteopaths Healthcare Clinical Practice Manual  and Google intranet site have been specifically written to help you learn how to progress and develop your talents as a practitioner. has extensive post-graduate training and clinical experience to help you grow in your practice. Once we have you 'on our books', you can be in line for the next available position, so apply as soon as possible. 

Please forward your details, CV and Cover Letter to