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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique

​The Alexander Technique
Developed a century ago by F.M. Alexander, the Alexander Technique is a method of postural awareness that helps you to rediscover the natural balance of your body to move well and avoid injury. Suryagita, our certified Alexander Technique teacher, will help you release tension and improve any postural patterns that cause back/neck pain, OOS, or general stress. Her gentle hands-on guidance helps you to relax, reduce muscular tension, and find ease in your body. As a result, you become more comfortable, calm, and present in your body and mind.

​​The Technique is particularly successful in alleviating back and neck pain: research through a clinical trial (published in the British Medical Journal 2008) shows that the Alexander Technique is highly effective in easing chronic lower back pain. Another clinical trial (Annals of Internal Medicine, 2015) concluded that Acupuncture sessions and Alexander Technique lessons both led to significant reductions in neck pain and associated disability compared with usual care at 12 months.


Initial appointment - 60 minutes $130.00

Follow up appointment - 60 minutes $115.00

Initial Child/Youth (8 - 18 years) - 45 minutes $95.00

Follow up Child/Youth (8 - 18 years) - 45 minutes $70.00

Suryagita Cox

Suryagita is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique who has been practising with individuals and groups since 1996. She gives individual lessons at City Osteopaths and loves to help her clients to improve posture, relieve pain and fulfil their human potential. She is particularly successful in helping those with RSI, chronic back and neck pain, tension or restricted breathing, and people find her sessions relaxing and invigorating.