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Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor

ND, Dip.Herb.Med, Dip.Nut, Grad.Dip.NFM, MNZAMH, BA, BCom

​Kimberly is a naturopath & medical herbalist who specialises in fertility and hormonal health care for women of all ages across New Zealand. Kimberly has a particular focus on reproductive endocrinology, working with all issues of fertility (in women and men), recurrent miscarriage, gynecological conditions, perimenopause, digestive issues, adrenal fatigue, and so on. Many of Kimberly’s patients feel like they are struggling under the pressures of modern living and being a ‘superwoman’ to all. Adrenal health is a big part of hormonal health & daily wellness.

During a consultation, Kimberly will explore lifestyle factors that contribute to health, as well as diet & nutrition, and any previous medical investigations relevant to your concern. From here an individualised treatment plan is made which may feature herbal medicines, nutritional supplements, dietary recommendations & lifestyle changes to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

Consultations can be conducted face to face or remotely on a video link from anywhere in New Zealand!

Kimberly’s enjoyment in working with fertility and women’s health issues stemmed from her own health struggles with endometriosis. Feeling and living the incredible difference a natural approach had for her is a huge motivator in helping other women. This naturally led to the increased ability to conceive when deciding to have her own children. Kimberly says that it is a marvellous privilege to be able to use the latest research findings to help women and couples achieve something so joyful in life.

Kimberly has been in clinical practice since 2009 and is a registered member of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Medical Herbalist Association. Outside of the clinic, Kimberly has two amazing children, a lovely husband, several pets, and an unruly garden on a lifestyle block on the Kapiti Coast.

​For more information on how Kimberly might be able to help you, visit: