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Massage Therapy

​Our massage therapists specialise in treating sporting or work-related injuries, trigger point pain, and muscle tension. We help you relax, and massage is great for reducing stress. We have specialists in pregnancy massage, helping the body to adjust to postural changes, relieve pain/strain, and reduce minor fluid retention.

Technique and Benefits

Therapeutic Massage eases muscle tension and pain while increasing flexibility and mobility. An increase in circulation brings more oxygen to body tissues for increased health. Even long-term muscle tightness, joint dysfunction, and postural strain can be improved with regular massage.

We can help with headaches and migraines, period pain, sinus pain, rotator cuff issues/frozen shoulder, neck pain, lower back and mid back pain, restless legs, hip and groin pain, calf tightness, and Achilles tendon issues. We are trained to help with home-based exercises.

We provide clinical massage therapy treatment including Sports, Pregnancy, Remedial, and Relaxation. 

Massage therapy could be said to date back as far as the existence of humankind given that touch is elemental and instinctive to us. For centuries we have been rubbing aching muscles, stroking the backs of our children to soothe them, and holding each other's hands. Massage is probably the oldest form of medical treatment and has been used throughout history by all cultures. The earliest written material regarding massage appears in a Chinese book dating about 2700BC in which "Stroking with the palm of the hand is advocated to alleviate the symptoms of a number of ailments.

Massage, as it is practiced today, improves circulation, relaxes muscles, and speeds up the elimination of waste products by stimulating the lymphatic system. Massage affects both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, reducing the symptoms that cause negative sensory input and increasing positive input. It is an excellent complement to other medical treatments and a powerful means of maintaining a sense of well-being. Massage involves the systematic application of a variety of strokes including stroking, kneading, pressing, and 'tapping' the soft tissue of the body.

Remedial massage involves the use of a more extensive range of techniques including friction and transverse stroking techniques to address fibrous adhesions or adhesions between ligaments and tendons, or muscles and bones, by literally pulling the adhesive bond apart. Massage is also able to stretch localised areas of tissue not easily stretched on its own.

All these techniques are an effective means of breaking down what are commonly referred to as 'knots' in the body's tissue, and by doing so, free muscles to function without impediment. Massage is also hugely beneficial on physical, emotional and psychological levels, providing a calming respite from the rigours of daily life and an opportunity to explore and affirm the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Price List

​30 minute appointment     ​ $60.00

45 minute appointment     ​ $80.00

​60 minute appointment​      $95.00

​90 minute appointment​      $147.00​

120 minute appointment​    $195.00

Nicola Spiers (Nikki)

Remedial/Sports/Relaxation/Pregnancy - NZMA qualified Massage Therapist. Nat Cert Exercise Science C.I.T 1999 -NZQA. Nat Therapeutic Cert & Sports Cert/Reflexology NZQA. ​Registered Massage Therapist.

​Nikki has worked in many environments during her time as a practitioner, in the past working with physiotherapists at Proactive Rehab, various gyms and PT Studios like Les Mills, on the massage team for the All Blacks & Hurricanes, Phoenix Soccer, sporting events, workplace and mobile massage.


Nicola has been my  Massage Therapist for the last 10 years, she’s been amazing with the mix of massage she’s used  with me, and it has kept my body working and feeling great! She has helped heal my injuries fast and kept my stress levels down.
Highly recommend her.

- Roger Hanson (Director) H&H Electrical LTD