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Sarah Ashill

Homeopath, Behavioural and Wellness Coach, Qualified Kinesiologist.

Sarah Ashill

Accredited Associate Certified Coach (ICF), MSc Integrative Health, Certs Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT & FACT), Kinesiologist (IKC), and Homeopath.

Sarah is a highly qualified and passionate natural health practitioner who offers a comprehensive approach to relieving pain and discomfort while improving overall health and well-being.

She is a certified Behavioural and Wellness Coach, a qualified Kinesiologist, and a registered Homeopath.

Sarah understands the importance of personalised care and takes the time to listen to you and your body's unique signals and needs. Through co-active coaching, she helps you develop skills and strategies to support your psychological and physical health. By empowering you to connect with your body and make positive changes, Sarah guides you on a transformative journey towards becoming the person you want to be and living the life you desire.

During a consultation, Sarah delves into the root causes of your body's imbalance, your symptoms and how they affect your overall well-being. Utilising applied Kinesiology, she taps into your body's energy system to uncover sensitivities and stresses. With this deep understanding, Sarah can use her knowledge and recommend homeopathic remedies to help your body's innate healing mechanisms, supporting its natural healing ability.

Sarah's commitment to the health and well-being of women and children is evident throughout her career. As the former Managing Director of birthEd, a renowned provider of childbirth and early parenting education in Wellington, she has empowered countless individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families. Additionally, Sarah's multifaceted experience as a childbirth/breastfeeding educator, doula, personal trainer, and fitness instructor significantly strengthens her capacity to cater to the unique needs of women and children.

Sarah maintains her clinical practice outside the clinic while cherishing valuable time with her partner, four children and two grandchildren.

She enjoys mountain biking, gardening, and enjoying time outdoors with her family and friends.

Sarah Ashill

  • Behavioural Health and Wellness Coaching

  • Homeopathy

  • Applied Kinesiology

  • Acute illnesses

  • Chronic conditions

  • Pregnancy, post-partum, breastfeeding, babies and children

  • Retained primitive and infant reflexes