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Pregnancy Osteo Research

Pregnancy back pain - In pregnancy, the growing uterus requires postural changes to maintain balance. Also, the hormone relaxin softens ligaments and can result in pelvic or back pain. Past injuries such as a fall onto the bottom, even many years before, can show up as a problem in pregnancy. We can treat with the pregnant woman lying comfortably on her side or seated, to restore balance and improve functional reserve to tissues. Our patients find this to be very helpful in reducing their discomfort. We are also able to restore the optimal balance to the pelvis and related muscles to allow for the best natural birth p

Preparation for labour - We recommend pregnant women come into the practice around 35 weeks pregnant for a pre birth assessment of their pelvis and uterus balance. We find this helps improve the birth process and results in fewer interventions.  (Research )

Some research on Osteopathic treatment in Pregnancy: 

Osteopathic manipulative treatment for nonspecific low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Acute improvement in hemodynamic control after osteopathic manipulative treatment in the third trimester of pregnancy. 

Research shows that Osteopathic manipulative treatment slows or halts the deterioration of back functioning in pregnancy

Anna Kurth's Osteopathic Treatment in Pregnancy research.