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Golfing Injury or want to improve your golfing performance

Athletic performance in golf seems to get little consideration outside of the professional game. You wouldn’t play rugby or cricket without training to improve athletic performance, so why do people do so with golf? All too often the only warm up a golfer will do before they hit the ball, is carrying their clubs to the first tee!

As well as having the correct equipment and the correct technique, the golfer needs their body to have the correct mobility and stability, to create the movement necessary for a successful golf swing.  When a golfer plays without the necessary physical preparation, they invite injury and don’t play to their full potential.

Common golfing injuries include:​

  • Lower back pain

  • Golfers elbow

  • Shoulder / rotator cuff injury

  • Knee pain

At City Osteopaths we use NG360°, the Nike Golf Performance System.  This is a scientific process of analysis and training that enables us to enhance athleticism and performance of golfers at all skill levels. This process, coupled with osteopathic principles and techniques, are a potent force for creating success on the golf course.

We offer a unique and effective approach to treating golfers. This includes:​

  • Providing an accurate diagnosis of any golfing injuries

  • Performing specialist mobility assessment to understand areas of the swing for potential for improvement

  • Providing effective hands on treatment to improve mobility and help injured tissues heal

  • Prescribe a personalised exercise program to help golfers recover from injury, remain injury free and play better golf

Here's a quick hitter to help improve hip mobility, so you can generate more power in your swing and reduce the chances of injury.

When we swing at a golf ball we need to be sure that we have plenty of internal rotation in the back hip.  This allows us to lengthen and load our powerful butt/gluteal muscles and create a powerful swing.  If we can't power the swing from our hips, we lose power and risk injury.  Give it a go and lets us know what you think