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My son developed eczema under his arm and on the left side of his torso about three weeks ago. We had not changed his diet, nor the cleaning agents for our clothes or household. Life was pretty relaxed as we were on school holidays. I suspect the causative factor was some molluscum contagiosum which had recently popped up in the same dermatomal/skin area.

It was typical atopic eczema, very itchy, with rough dry skin. No natural oils or other options from commercial eczema type creams to herbal tincture creams, worked, despite being applied nightly over several weeks. I was loathe to use steroids due to the skin damage it can cause over time. I also wanted to treat the cause if at all possible.

Being a mum who is also a Reg. Osteopath, can come in handy at such times so I made time to assess him osteopathically before bed one evening last week.

On examination I found his central nervous system was very irritated where the nerves from the eczema affected skin, return to the spinal cord. By calming down these nerves with gentle cranial osteopathic techniques, the itchiness eased about 80 percent overnight. It wasn't completely gone but he was no longer struggling with the discomfort. 

Over the past week it has slowly eased further and he is now left with just some small molluscums and no sign of eczema and no itchiness.

I wanted to share this on here in case it can help another family who have a baby or child suffering from atopic eczema. 

As it had only been there a few weeks, I suspect it was more easily able to resolve rapidly over less than one week after only one treatment. When eczema has been there a much longer time it is likely to take longer to resolve. However if your osteopath is skilled in this area they will be able to feel what is going on in the central nervous system and be able to give you an idea of how much it should improve after each visit. 

Thanks for reading.

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Melanie Young
Reg. Osteopath
Director City Osteopaths