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Psychosynthesis Counselling

Suryagita Cox, BA., ATTSNZ, Dip. Psychosynthesis Counselling

Suryagita is a qualified counsellor. Trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in Auckland, she now works works with issues such as:

  • dissatisfaction with work

  • stress, anxiety

  • depression

  • bereavement, loss of meaning

  • crisis in life purpose

  • relationship/communication issues

  • inability to change old patterns of behaviour

  • difficulty in making decisions

She supports her clients to find their way through issues and to open to new ways to live with meaning and purpose. 

Counselling helps you to not only explore and heal past wounds but also to reorientate the way you experience these issues so that you can move forwards in your life with confidence and wisdom.

The process of talking to an empathic and trained counsellor can help you to shift perspective and clarify your strengths.

Suryagita is a approachable and sensitive counsellor, and uses mindfulness as a way to become more attuned to the whole of yourself.