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Acupuncture during IVF can lead to success

Acupuncture during the stimulation phase of IVF can lead to success.

A female patient very much wanting to get pregnant, presented with a history of two consecutive 'failed to respond to stimulation' IVF cycles. This meant that no eggs were able to be collected from the ovary, so no embryos resulted.

The female patient then came in for a fertility acupuncture appointmentjust one week prior to undergoing her third cycle. Her case history revealed no underlying pathology affecting conception, except ‘advanced maternal age’. This unfortunately, is a far too common influencing factor for successful conception.The acupuncture treatment became immediately focused on encouraging the development of healthy mature eggs during the stimulation phase of her IVF cycle. During this brief time, the acupuncture treatment was twice weekly with the addition of CoQ10 supplementation, which offers additional nutritional benefits for ovarian stimulation. Upon this third IVF attempt , a wonderful result of nineteen eggs were ready for collection with a total of twelve eggs fertilised. An embryo transfer to the hopeful female patient was performed with additional embryos able to be frozen.

A very happy patient, feeling hopeful and excited, approaching her first pregnancy confirmation. This is an extremely positive result in such a short time following two previously failed IVF cycles.

Acupuncture can be a very  effective treatment addition whilst you are undergoing IVF treatment or ovarian stimulation, to increase embryo receptivity and encourage development of mature healthy follicles.