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Ganglion Cysts Utilising Acupuncture

Acupuncture can be an excellent treatment choice for that annoyingly persistent Ganglion

We use a unique treatment technique in acupuncture called ‘Surround the Dragon’ to treat ganglion cysts (this essentially is surrounding the cyst itself). By doing this, blood flow is stimulated to the affected area; increasing the circulation and assisting with reducing inflammation and encouraging the body to repair.

I recently had a patient present for acupuncture treatment of a general musculoskeletal condition. During our consultation she mentioned she had suffered an irritating ganglion in her wrist that had been there for years. She didn’t feel hopeful that anything would remedy it except surgery. When I related to her that I had had a large Ganglion in my wrist some years ago, that I removed simply with self-administered Acupuncture, she was open to trying this, for as she explained “What do I have to lose?!

We followed the same acupuncture technique described above, involving treated the local area of the ganglion, along with focusing on the condition she initially came in for. Our follow up appointment was a week later and the first thing she mentioned with utter shock was that her ganglion was gone!

She had woken the morning after the single acupuncture treatment to find it had disappeared, her comment was “I’m unsure what kind of witchcraft you do but I’m not complaining!”. I explained to her that simply by redirecting the body’s attention to the area of the ganglion, it ‘remedied’ the inflammation  and stimulated healing to finally take place.