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Baby Cranial Osteopath

In a large study involving over 1000 babies, Dr Viola Fryman, Osteopath, found that 10 percent of new babies will have little or no inutero or birth strains, 80 percent will have moderate strains and 10 percent will have severe strains. We recommend that all babies should be checked by an experienced Cranial Osteopath. 
A baby will often communicate there is a problem by being unsettled, irritable, or wakeful. Symptoms in a newborn baby to be aware of are: 

  • colic 

  • excessive wind 

  • continuous crying 

  • difficulty feeding or a preference to feed from one breast 

  • sticky eyes 

  • sleeping difficulties 

  • stiffness of the neck muscles 

  • favouring the head to one side 

  • a misshapen head 

Cranial Osteopathy may be useful in treating a wide range of symptoms and conditions in children including the following: 

  • ear infections and glue ear 

  • tongue tie sequelae 

  • back and neck pain 

  • growing pains 

  • headaches 

  • behavioural problems 

  • hyperactivity 

  • speech problems 

  • asthma 

  • dental problems 

  • co-ordination problems 

  • developmental delay 

  • sleep issues 

  • post-concussion syndrome (after an injury to the head) 

If you would like more information on these including research links, please see our website page providing more information on Osteopathy.