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Bone Density

How do I maintain good bone density as I age?

An excessively acid diet will also reduce the amount of calcium in the bones. Avoid excessive red meat, coffee, smoking and carbonated drinks (ie soft drinks) as these all require calcium to be taken from your bones to buffer the acidic environment in your body.  

You can also minimise bone loss, especially after menopause, by engaging in moderate-impact exercise and strength training, alongside a higher calcium intake to reduce the calcium losses associated with lower oestrogen levels.  In addition, vitamin D is important for bone health.  

Osteopaths are able to assess your risks of developing conditions like osteoporosis and give you personalised guidelines for prevention.  We can give you guidance on other treatment providers who may be able to help, such as nutritionists or naturopaths, or send you for a bone density scan.  

Finally, we can help you with any postural problems you are having, giving you treatment to help your body make the appropriate adjustments, alongside exercise to help maintain the changes.