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Headaches and Neck Tension

Headaches, neck tension, and what we can do about all this... 

Often people have chronic recurring headaches, without realising that they commonly have a mechanical cause. 

The nerves that give sensation to the sides of the head pass through the muscles of the neck, and if there is sufficient tension in those muscles then the nerves can be compressed, stimulating them. 

This leads to the sensation of pain or aching in the head, particularly behind the eyes and over the ears, and this pain is often far more noticeable than the tension in the neck. 

This form of headache is termed 'Cervicogenic', as it originates from the cervical spine. 

Osteopathy (and Cranial Osteopathy in particular) is very effective at treating the cause of the tension in the neck, which normally leads to a quick resolution of the headaches. It is not necessary to crack your neck as we have gentle treatment options that usually work much better than rough or noisy manipulations.