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Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique helps you to find the natural balance of your body to move well and avoid injury. Suryagita, our certified Alexander Technique teacher who also specialises in voice coaching, will help you to ease tension and improve postural patterns which cause back/neck pain and OOS, to find a level of relaxation within. Her gentle hands-on guidance will eliminate muscular tension, which in turn will give you a healthier, more resilient body which is less prone to injury.  In a session you receive relaxing hands-on guidance in how to move efficiently, which frees your body to heal itself of injury or restriction. Try a session at City Osteopaths.

Voice coaching will help you to restore easy breathing and a resonant voice for speech or singing, or to speak in public with poise and confidence.
Suryagita is now running “Speak with Presence” group courses to help people to overcome nerves and deliver effective presentations.