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Acupuncture for Sports and Injuries

Athletes and sports people alike can benefit from what Acupuncture has to offer them while they are training; emphasis is directed on receiving treatment before they are injured! Reduce swelling, improve mobility, and strengthen tendons and ligaments. It will not only physically balance you but also mentally. 

Reasons Acupuncture Can Benefit Athletes: 

Accelerated healing: Acupuncture increases blood flow to an injured area, the insertion of a foreign object (this being an Acupuncture needle) initiates an immune response in the body, which causes an increase in blood flow as the bodies resources are stimulated to that area to investigate/rectify the cause: Research at UCLA Medical Center (Responses of Nitric Oxide- cGMP Release in Acupuncture Point to Electroacupuncture in Hunman Skin In Vivo Using Dermal Micro dialysis. In Microcirculation, 2009 May, 26:1-10) Showed Acupuncture needles increase the release of Nitric Oxide in the body which causes blood vessels to relax and allow more blood flow through the body.

Reduce pain: Acupuncture stimulates the release of the body’s natural pain killers (endorphins and Opioids) and interrupts pain signals. This is from Acupuncture’s ability to stimulate afferent nerve fibres stimulating the release of analgesic (pain relieving) substances and disrupt the pain feedback loop. Study conducted through the University of Michigan Health System in Journal of Neuroimage, Vol 5, No.83, 2009) results showed Acupuncture balances the bodies self-regulatory pain response and helped de-sensitise the body to pain. 

Speed up recovery time: Acupuncture increases microcirculation in the limbs through as previously mentioned initiating an immune response in the body which causes the body to release Histamine (Vasodilator) causing blood vessels to become more permeable: Poor circulation causes tight muscles which are going to take longer to recover and tire easier. Helping you get back to training sooner! 

Increased energy: Acupuncture speeds up metabolic processes assisting metabolism, allowing your body to draw more nutrients from your food. Helping utilise the food you eat more efficiently; to increase stamina and endurance, plus increase post workout recovery. 

Reduced inflammation: Allowing for improved circulation and blood flow prevents chronic inflammation from developing and potentially a chronic injury from forming. One of the mechanisms through which this occurs shown with research conducted by a Neuroscientist Maiken Nedergaard at the University of Rochester Medical in New York State; demonstrated that Acupuncture stimulates the release of a natural compound called Adenosine which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 

Reduce muscular tension: An injury causes muscles in the surrounding area to tighten and constrict, guarding the injury site. Acupuncture stimulates the nerves involved in contracting and relaxing muscle fibres, thus stimulating muscles to release on a deeper level, reducing residue tension and increasing range of motion.

Efficient healing: Acupuncture encourages the body to efficiently go through the 3 stages of healing and limit the possibility of permanent damage and scar tissue formation, working towards healing properly the first time!