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Thoracic Cage Stretches

Great for getting your back and ribcage freed up for more comfort and better breathing.

What is amazing about the human body, is it's ability to adapt to a given situation or task.  Problems can occur though, when we spend to long in a fixed position, such as being sat at a work station.  The body does it's best to adapt to the sustained posture, but even then can end up fatigued.  So, we end up with restricted spine and ribs, with sore muscles and joints. Then when we want to be active or exercise, our bodies are less able to move, so we may under-perform or become injured.

This thoracic stretch can help relieve the stiffness and restriction that builds up when your work requires you to sit or stand at a desk all day.  You can do this stretch at your desk, so give it a go. Worried you'll look a bit funny in the office? Then, get you work colleagues involved!