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City Osteopaths Terms and Conditions for Website and Online bookings

City Osteopaths Terms and Conditions for Website and Online bookings

These terms and conditions (the “Terms and Conditions”) govern the use of (the site). This site is operated by City Osteopaths Limited

By using this site you indicate that you have read and understand these terms and conditions and agree to abide by them at all times.

Intellectual Property

All content published and made available on our site is the property of City Osteopaths Limited and the Sites creators. This includes, but is not limited to images, text, logos, documents, downloadable files and anything that contributes to the composition of our site.

Accounts and booking online

When you create an account or book an appointment online using our site, you agree to the following:

  • You are solely responsible for your account and the security and privacy of your account, including any passwords or sensitive information attached to that account; and

  • All personal information you provide to us though your account or booking is up to date, accurate and truthful and that you will update your personal information if it changes.

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account or booking if you violate these Terms and Conditions.

Sale of Services

These Terms and Conditions govern the sale of services available on our site.

The following services are available on our site:

  • Osteopathy

  • Acupuncture

  • Massage Therapy

  • Naturopathy

  • Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

  • Homeopathy

The service will be paid for in full when either promoted via online booking or in person at the time of service.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all the services that are displayed on our Site at the time you access it. All information, description, or images that we provide about our services are as accurate as possible. However, we are not legally bound by such information, descriptions or images as we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all services we provide. You agree to purchase surfaces from our site at your own risk.

We reserved the right to modify, reject or cancel your booking whenever it becomes necessary. If we cancel your booking and have already processed your payment, we will give you a refund equal to the amount you paid. You agree that it is your responsibility to monitor your payment instrument to verify receipt of any refund.


We accept the following payment methods on our site:

  • Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard Only)

  • Debit Card

When you provide us with your payment information, you authorise our use of and access to the payment instrument you have chosen to use. By providing us with your payment information, you authorise us to charge the amount due to this payment instrument. 

If we believe your payment has violated any law or these Terms and conditions, we reserve the right to cancel or reverse your translation.


We provide refund for services sold as followed:

  • For over-charged payments within seven days you will be offered a refund by way of either back onto the credit/debit/eftpos card used or by direct banking.

  • Payments made more than seven days after will result in a clinic credit.

  • Payments made at full cost then subsidised by ACC will remain on your account as a clinic credit. 

  • Refunds will be given if you are leaving the city and/or country on a case by case basis.

  • No refunds will be given to unused and expired gift vouchers.

  • Full refund will be given if the appointment has been prepaid and City Osteopaths is unable to provide an appointment and/or treatment.

  • No refund will be given if you have booked online and paid the deposit and insufficient notice has been given.

Consumer Protection Law

When the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, the Contract and commercial Law Act 2017, or any other consumer protection legislation in New Zealand applies and cannot be excluded, these Terms and conditions will not limit your legal right and remedies under the legislation. These Terms and Conditions will be read subject to the mandatory provisions of that legislation. If there is a conflict between these Terms and Conditions and that legislation, the mandatory provisions of the legislation will apply.

Limitation of Liability

City Osteopaths Limited and our directors, officers , agents, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates will not be liable for any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including legal fees from your use of the site and booking system.


Except where prohibited by law, by using this site you indemnify and hold harmless City Osteopaths Limited and our directors, officers , agents, employees, subsidiaries and affiliates from any actions, claims, losses, damages, liabilities and expenses including legal fees arising out of your use of our site, online booking or your violation of these Terms and Condition.

Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New Zealand.


If at any time andy of the provisions set forth in these Terms and conditions are found to be inconsistent or invalid under applicable laws, those provisions will be deeded void and will be removed from these Terms and Conditions. All other provisions will not be affected by the removal and the rest of these Terms and Conditions will still be considered valid.


These Terms and conditions may be amended from time to time in order to maintain compliance with the law and to reflect any changes to the way we operate our site and the way we expect users to behave on our site. We will notify users by email of changes to these Terms and Conditions or post a notice on our site.

Contact Details

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our contact details are as followed:

City Osteopaths Limited 04 499 1439

Level 4, 166 Featherston Street, Wellington, 6011