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The purpose of this Policy is to establish the basis for fee-charging and related policies at City Osteopaths Health Care
Application of Policy

This Policy applies to all patients enrolled at City Osteopaths and in courses treated by the clinic in conjunction with satellite clinics.
Basis for Charging Fees
Patients are charged fees based on:
- Appointment/Treatment type
- Product or supplements purchased
- The services provided.
Note: All fees are inclusive of GST, unless otherwise stated.
Notification of Fees Charged
City Osteopaths will provide notice of fee changes at the front reception desk by way of signage.
Liability for Payment of Fees
(a) A patient is liable for payment of fees when they:
(i)  attend an appointment and receive treatment/services
(ii)  purchase products and/or supplements
(b) Patients who do not attend an appointment or give insignificant notice of cancellation will be liable for payment. 
Failure to pay for services, products or supplements will lead to debt collecting producers detailed in section "Failure to pay in full" are followed.
Fee Components
The fees charged to a patient will include but are not limited to the Fees, Levies and Charges detailed in this section and the associated Fees Schedule.
Payment of Fees
(a)  Payment of all fees are due at the time of appointment, this includes any insurance and ACC payments
(b) Accredited employers may have their invoices sent to the employer, if payment is not made by the following 20th of the month the patient is liable for any outstanding fees.
(c)  City Osteopaths reserves the right to charge a convenience fee to recover credit card transaction fees where payments are made via credit card.
(d) List of appointment fees available on our website here
Failure to Pay in Full
(a)  Any patient who fails to pay all fees and charges detailed in this Policy and the Fees Schedule, may lose their entitlement:
(i) to be seen by any clination at City Osteopaths Health Care. 
(ii)  access to treatment history notes that has not been paid in full
(b)  City Osteopaths reserves the right to place fees debts with its appointed debt recovery agency for collection from the patient. City Osteopaths also reserves the right to recover any additional costs in relation to this debt collection from the patient.
(a)  For over-charged payments within 14 days you will be offered a refund by way of either back onto the credit/debit/eftpos card used or by direct banking.
(b)  Payments made more than 14 days after will result in a clinic credit.
(c)  Payments made at full cost then subsidised by ACC will remain on your account as a clinic credit. 
(d)  Refunds will be given if you are leaving the City and or country on a case by case basis.
(e)  No refunds will be given to unused and expired gift vouchers.                                                                                                                             (f)  Full refund will be given if the appointment has been prepaid and City Osteopaths is unable to provide an appointment.

City Osteopaths reserves the right to cancel a patient's appointments in the event of outstanding fees. This includes failing to attend appointments and late notice cancellation fees.
City Osteopaths reserves the right to refuse to re-activate patients or to decline an application for an appointment for a patient who has been in default of fees even if the outstanding amount has since been paid.